So school starts soon. I literally haven’t socialized to anyone over the summer and I went to the mall today with my best friends and I was SO AWKWARD! It’s like I forgot how to socialize! I’m afraid I might meet a hot boy in school and be EXTREMELY AWKWARD! I really don’t want school to start again.

Also my puppies are turning 3 months old tomorrow… Well actually today since its 1:30 in the morning. Yeah I don’t sleep…

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Hey guys so I’m in bed and I’m not allowed to be in contact with anyone because I have Impetigo and for those who don’t know what that means it’s when your skin breaks out in blisters EVERYWHERE. And it’s caused by bacteria. 

The doctors believe I got it through hotels. I went to the Florida Keys a couple days ago and so I got bacteria from there and it really sucks. My family is scared to come close to me lol and I have to take nasty medicine and have a special lotion to put on my blisters because they spread REALLY fast. I currently have 12 blisters… Ugh.

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Teenager Life…


So I thought that I might talk about a topic that might interest people so why not talk about teenagers and teenage lives. Ugh where to begin… Well there’s being moody and then your parents don’t understand even though they were teenagers to. Everything gets fusterating. You want a boyfiend… Oh god don’t get me started on boyfriends..

Pretty much every girl wants to experience love, I mean nobody wants to be that lonely cat lady. I have to admit that I want someone to stare at the ceiling at night and think about me and love me for who I am, don’t you? But the hard part is being patient. Boys like boobs and butts but I have neither:( I wish boys would see my personality. Should I go on to the story about what 2 boys think of me? Ok maybe I will…

So there was this boy.. His name was Will and he had a best friend named Joseph. I rely like Will and he was dating my friend at the time and we used to snapchat all the time and I totally thought he liked me. So one day I told him I liked him. He didn’t answer back and the next day he told his best friend… They started to ignore me and spread rumors saying I was a stalker till soon all of the boys in my school thought I stalked Will. And soon I aparently wasn’t just stalking Will! I was stalking Joseph too! Ugh boys… Hopefully 8th grade will be better.

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Hey beautiful people of the Internet! Welcome to my blog! Let me tell you some things about me…

1. I’m 13 years old

2. I’m a girl and I’m short (Can you tell by the username?)

3. I’m obsessed with youtubers such as Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan, Connor Franta, Trevor Moran, Kian Lawley, Joe Sugg, Caspar Lee, and Zoella!

4. Internet and food are my best friends

5. ┬áMy dogs name is Kian after Kian Lawley…

SO YEAH! This is where I will be posting things about my life and I hope yall stay and read about my amazing hour idea through this crazy world.

Signing off… For now,